Consultancy Services

Providing a professional total waste management consultancy service offering sound advice, support and implementing functional business practices.




Service Reviews

Our consultants can carry out operational service reviews, re-scheduling, planning and supply modelling for your business.

Operational Solutions

We can provide operational and strategic management solutions for recycling, residual, clinical, hazardous, commercial, demolition and industrial waste processing and reprocessing.

Strategic Administration

Our consultants can review or create waste management strategies, policies and environmental management systems for your business.

Dispute Resolution

We can provide support with contract or resource dispute resolution.


We can carry out waste management and minimisation audits for your business and provide management support to implement report recommendations.

Financial Management

J.I.C & Associates Ltd can review and develop budgeting and financial monitoring. We can design and develop funding applications for your business.

Change Management

We have a great deal of experience in delivering business improvements and driving change. Our consultants can also mentor and develop under performing teams and provide management support for business restructuring.

Environmental Legislation

We can provide expertise in planning and implementing upcoming environmental permitting and legislation.

Risk Management

Our consultants can review existing H&S management processes, carry out operational and strategic risk assessments and implement risk management processes.

Business Planning

We can design and develop comprehensive business cases for any proposed expansion or development of your business.

Project and Programme Management

Our consultants are experienced project managers and can deliver your waste management programmes to your businesses specifications.


Our associate consultants can provide communications and publicity expertise for your business.

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J.I.C & Associates Ltd

Waste Management Consultants

West Sussex

Jim Perkins FCIWM

Chartered Waste Manager

Principal Consultant
Tel: 07841 758729



Yvonne Perkins MCIWM

Chartered Waste Manager

Director & Senior Consultant

Tel: 07875 361821



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