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Private Sector (Retained Consultancy Services 2007 – 2016)


  • Responsible for all waste management compliance requirements for 18 waste facilities.


  • Liaison with statutory bodies relating to Waste Management Licencing and Permitting.


  • Ongoing liaison with client waste and planning departments for the development of the facilities


  • Assistance in the design and operation of a new waste facility including all transport logistics, health and safety and training issues.


  • Responsible for the re-evaluation of several of these sites with the OPRA score for each site being significantly lowered.


  • Specifically advised the company on specific waste legislation and the impact on its current services. This led to improved compliance for the storage and onward transfer of WEEE items and hazardous waste.


  • Mentoring services for all supervisory and front line staff regarding the services they provide and the legislation that drives their areas of operation.

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J.I.C & Associates Ltd

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West Sussex

Jim Perkins FCIWM

Chartered Waste Manager

Principal Consultant
Tel: 07841 758729



Yvonne Perkins MCIWM

Chartered Waste Manager

Director & Senior Consultant

Tel: 07875 361821



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